2008-06-23 21:03:45 by Sidenote138

everybody on Newgrounds is a fucking newfag.

Well Incest Rulz is on almost certain permanent Hiatus. Thanks to Evan's mom. Don't ask why. Well, Don Gabe and I regrouped in The Suppositories, a band I recorded a song for Sophomore year. (I'm now a senior) We are to release a demo in a couple months. And we're all set to play shows. We've recorded 3 songs and two of those i put up here on newgrounds. you can also check us out on Myspace at:<br>
<a> urn <a> <br>
Thanks a bunch.<br>

New Songs coming up at ya

2007-09-08 21:29:05 by Sidenote138

Hey dogs. If you enjoyed Dead Baby Jokes (Aren't Very Funny) then I'll be posting many more songs by Incest Rulz soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

Lambchop's Playalong AdventureYAY!

2007-08-14 20:37:21 by Sidenote138

The greatest frame by frame tale ever is in the works. seriously. LAMBCHOP'S PLAYALONG ADVENTUREYAY!


2007-07-29 15:32:21 by Sidenote138

Wow. i take stinky dumps sometimes. sometimes theyre green.